The Book of Legacy is an online memorial site that allows users to create beautiful and unique memorial pages for their loved ones that have passed away. The customer needed a platform that could display the features and prices of the service and get visitors to subscribe to the service. Entering the US market in the middle of a pandemic might have been, for many, a losing game. Here’s the proof that if you dream it, we can build it & turn it into a success!

The Book of Legacy

Industry: Online memorials
Location: USA & Canada
Services needed: Web Design, Content Creation, SEO
Project duration: 20 days
Budget: $4.000

Company Bio
Honor and celebrate the legacy of a loved one with a Legacy Memorial Page. Personalized obituaries, a grief support forum and an extensive database so you can find other memorial pages and connect with long lost friends, mentors or relatives.

"After months of trying out multiple agencies and freelancers, we onto BrandLocked ! They managed, in just 20 days to bring our web design idea to life and surpassed our expectations! We enjoy working with them, and consider them a strategic business partner!"
Paul Szack
CEO Legacy Inc
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The Challenge

The client had already been through multiple agencies and freelancers, by the time their team contacted us. This meant that there were also multiple conflicting design directions, which made the website look confusing and very busy. Unsatisfied with the way their website looked, and with only 20 days to go until launch, they needed our team to make the Legacy vision come to life as quickly as possible. In order to promote the brand, the customer also wanted SEO services!

The Approach

We started the design project with 3 goals in mind: a website that is user friendly, loads fast and perfectly conveys the brand’s message. During our first brief, the customer specified that the inspiration for starting his business came when he dealt with the grief of his father’s passing; this is why he wanted to create a platform that can bring family and friends together to celebrate their lives and accomplishments.

Initially, the idea behind the website was to provide ONLY memorial pages, the differentiator being that, in order to create a memorial on The Book of Legacy, you didn’t need any technical knowledge: the Legacy team would create it for you in as little as 24h! 

But with so many competitors offering similar services for free, we decided that the website needed to provide additional resources and features, that customers need when they are mourning the death of a loved one. 


The Solution

This is why, we pitched the idea of integrating the following: custom printable memorial guestbooks, the option to raise funds or donate to a charity, grief support form, features to send flowers or get in touch with the owner of the online memorial page, 24/7 live chat support and  the option to set the memorial page as private!

By adding these features, we managed to create a platform that is unique on the market and that has become a place where thousands of lives are celebrated, documented and shared.  


"BrandLocked did more than just listen to our requests. They worked as part of our team! We brainstormed ideas together and developed a website that we are proud of!"
Paul Szack
CEO Legacy Inc

The Result

After launching the website, we continued working with The Book of Legacy on a monthly basis for SEO services. In the first 60 days from the launch, the company had sold more than $20.000 worth of services to over 8.000 clients around North America. Now, 6 months into our partnership, is ranked positions 1-14 in google results for more than 80 keywords and is achieving continuous growth, gaining leads and customers every day and expanding their community!