In a world suffocated by “fake-news”, information is vital! TDA is a Geneva-based Think Tank and a European Chambers of Commerce project! The site offers unbiased analysis in the form of political comments and inquiries, reports and research. Our team team took care of the website design, content creation and we are proud to call The Diplomatic Affairs one of our 100+ monthly clients, as we keep working with them for Google Ads campaigns! 

The Diplomatic Affairs

Industry: News & Media
Location: Europe (Switzerland)
Services needed: Web Design, Content Creation, Google Ads
Project duration: 20 days
Budget: €3.000

Company Bio
The Diplomatic Affairs is a Think Tank based in Geneva and an invaluable platform for assessing and evaluating complex international issues. The website provides impartial and unbiased qualitative analysis in the form of political commentary, policy inquiry, special reports, and commissioned research.

"I had a vision for how my website should look like, and BrandLocked surpassed it! 1 year into working with this amazing team, and we keep increasing traffic and bringing real news to more and more people around the world!"
Ovidiu S
Editor in Chief, The Diplomatic Affairs
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The Challenge

Diplomatic Affairs approached us because they needed a platform designed for global dialogue. The user experience was the main priority of the project, which is why we built an easy-to-navigate website, with a clean-cut design and uncomplicated layout. The end goal was to deliver a website that looks and feels different than major news publications, in that it is more a news blog that gathers opinions and information from experts and the general public alike. Any website visitor can send their articles to info@thediplomaticaffars.com and, if the piece is in accordance to T&C, it will be published on the site by the editorial team. 

The project also involved the active participation of 18 members of our copywriting department, who were given the dask of writing think pieces/op-eds regarding political, environmental or economical topics. 

The Approach

Apart from the main website requirements listed below, the client made it clear that he is interested in a news platform that he can monetize through the use of banner ads and sponsored stories. however, at the beginning of the project, the client did not know how to achieve this!

Main Website Requirements:
– WordPress Multisite enabled to allow for multiple niche websites to run off of a single CMS
– Multiple size ad units and an easy-to-use banner management system
– On-the-go browsing that’s optimized for mobile devices using a responsive layout
– Logical taxonomy to enable users to find the content they want
Organic/Natural Feel
– Cross-Platform Design (displays well on devices of varying resolutions)
– Fast loading pages (hosted on Amazon Elastic Cloud with CloudWatch enabled to engage more resources during peak traffic)

Once we determined the requirements of the TDA website and the features that users wanted, we were able to add in the necessary components.

"I am extremely satisfied with the constant communication and out of the box ideas that the BrandLocked team provided to me! The best agency we've worked with, not only because they were extremely in tune with what we wanted but because they put together a website for us that promoted our work in the the sharpest and most relevant way possible!"
Ovidiu S
Editor in Chief

The Solution

The Diplomatic Affairs is a responsive website, meaning that during the development process, we took an approach to coding and laying out the website to provide users with the optimal viewing experience based on the resolution of their display. As the website is intended for mobile use on phones and tablets, all designs and wireframes were developed with that in mind.

Banner Ads in Main Feed

This content website is monetized by selling advertising. Since the vast majority of the TDA user experience occurs on the website main feed, it was important for us to find ways of integrating ads into that space. We were able to successfully achieve this goal by customizing WordPress plugins that enabled ad the management of multiple ad units of varying types and sizes.

Sponsored Stories

To further monetize the website, TDA gives advertisers the option to submit sponsored stories, which display in the main feed, highlighted with the word SPONSORED, both to make them stand out to users, and to adhere to regulations for sponsored content.

Ad Frequency Customization

We configured the backend of the site to allow the website administrator to set the number of posts in takes to trigger each type of advertisement. This feature allows for easy changing of the ad frequency rate, to balance out advertiser needs with a good user experience, based on the amount of content and traffic the website has at any given time.

The Result

By taking the time to understand what our client and TDA visitors were looking for in their website, we were able to determine the features that would best enhance the site functionality and the overall user experience. Contact us today (click here) to find out how we can help you develop and launch your mobile content website.

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